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The Beach Guide

I guess my thing about beaches dates back to being a small child. Although we never really went on holiday, or at least not anywhere exotic, there has always been a beach just down the road.

Growing up in Cornwall, UK, it’s actually pretty hard to get away from an amazing, sandy beach, and that’s where it all started. By the age of thirteen I was pretty much hooked on surfing and destined to spend the next thirty years either on the beach or thinking about the beach.

Of course, I never became a pro-surfer, the dice were loaded against me in that I just wasn’t that great! That was Plan A – I think I’m on about Plan K at the moment. It’s been a fairly circuitous route with three degrees studied, about the same number of careers and a full circle back to living and surfing in Cornwall.

Between starting and finishing in the same place I have travelled extensively, living and working in several counties and continents. In that time I was never far from some of the best beaches on earth.

Over the years my views on what makes a great beach have become a lot broader. Having tepid, crystal clear water and perfect, uncrowded waves aren’t the only criteria ' days. Having a family and a dog have shifted my priorities a little. Of course a great beach is still a great beach, but for me, at the moment I want one where I can also bring the dog and have a lifeguard to keep an eye on the kids.

This doesn’t mean I have lost any of my desire to explore the many beautiful, weird and wonderful beaches that are out there. I’m still equally impressed by a cathedral-like rock formation, ebony black sand or hip, city backdrop. As far as possible, it is my intention to research, visit and enjoy ' beaches on your behalf – yes, it’s a dirty job, but someone’s got to do it!

The journey to become The Beach Guide began locally with my first website, the Cornwall Beach Guide. Building on the success of that I went national with the UK Beach Guide. I’m sure you can see where I’m going with this – and here we are with the World Beach Guide.